Other Services

  • Access to Counseling and Social Workers

    The Counseling Department at Hmong College Prep Academy will continue to provide counseling services to our students in the best possible ways. HCPA will support our students in areas of academics, personal/social, and college/career. All support will be done based on the individual’s needs. These supports could be supplied via email,phone call, Schoology, face-to-face conversation via Schoology conference, Zoom, or other approved technology methods.
    ●  Academics: grades, gradpoint, graduation progress, PSEO
    ●  Additional Academic Support: provided through a collaboration from both the School Counselors and the Deans

    of HCPA. The individuals will be assigned specific grade levels and will provide additional academic support to students in the designated grade level. Deans/counselors will work with College Prep teachers, along with content teachers and students to support the student's academic success.
    ●  Personal/social: Securly:// monitoring, student and family support and resources
    ●  College/Career: Naviance, college counseling, scholarship, FAFSA, summer opportunities
    ●  Social/ Attendance/ Safety/ Behavior Support: provided by the Deans of each school.

    Mental Health Resources

    The Counseling Department at HCPA will continue to provide all K-12 students with mental health support via email and Schoology, such as checking in with individual students and providing students and staff with tips to use at home (self care ideas, anxiety reduction techniques, way to keep a schedule, mindfulness). Additionally, the social workers will provide resources for outside mental health services, referrals, and contact information for crisis support, as needed.
    ● Contact with students will be documented to record the date, name of the student, and brief description of need.

    Students Experiencing Homelessness

    McKinney Vento Homeless Assistance Act: The district homeless liaison will contact students and families who have been identified as homeless. The purpose of this contact will be to ensure that families have access to the resources they need in order to participate in distance learning. These resources may include access to food, internet and Chromebooks.

    Contact with families will be tracked to record the date, name of the student, and brief description of need.

    Video Conference and Online Recording Considerations

    ●  Through video conferencing tools listed below, your child has the opportunity to participate in a classroom group experience to access some of their educational services. Confidentiality is highly important to Hmong College Prep Academy. By agreeing to allow your child to participate, you and your child also agree that you will not discuss or share any educational information about other students in the group outside of the classroom experience.
    ●  You and your child also agree that during the session, no recording or digital image retention (i.e. screenshot) of any kind will occur and you understand that only students, teachers and other authorized staff may be part of the experience unless specific permission is granted by your teacher to include others.
    ●  Whenever students or staff/teachers are working collectively in an online video conference tool, all groups must be using school provisioned accounts.

    ○  These would include (but are not limited to) Microsoft account (@hcpak12.org), Google for Education account (@apps-hcpak12.org), Schoology account (username or @apps-hcpak12.org).
    ○  Using personal accounts to connect is prohibited.
    ●  Any live (synchronous) video conferencing tool must not be recorded when students are present.

    ○  It is the recommendation of HCPA for staff/teachers to consider asynchronous means.
    ○  It is in the best nature of all parties included that the presenter disables web cameras, thus only allowing audio if and when students are present in a live video conference.
    ○  If a teacher needs to record a video lesson it must be done without students in the video.
    ■ Video lessons can be recorded using any application. Recommendations are (but not limited to): Schoology Conference, Zoom, Screencast-O-Matic, Screencastify, Loom

    ● Video services that record an individual student's response that are uploaded to a service are allowed. This includes services such as Flipgrid, video/audio in a Schoology discussion board.

    ○  All students must use school provisioned accounts (@apps-hcpak12.org) to ensure online safety and protection.
    ○  Teachers must turn on moderation features that ensure each recording is approved prior to other students viewing them.
    ■ It is important that these recordings are vetted by the teacher to ensure they do not contain inappropriate clothing, backgrounds, attire, gestures, etc...