Transportation Overview - What you need to know

  • Student Busing: How to get Started

    Hmong College Prep Academy is pleased to provide free busing to St. Paul, Minneapolis and selected suburbs!

    • Door-to-door pick up and drop off for K-3 students, where available
    • Maximum 1-block walk for 6-12 grade students
    • When enrolling your students please complete the "HCPA Transportation Request Form" below.
    • Please allow 4 school days for your student be added to a bus route.
    • Note: Only one pick-up and drop-off location is permitted.

    Moving or Permanently Changing a Pick-up or Drop-off Location?

    • Parents will need to complete and sign a "Change of Address Form". Contact Transportation at 651-289-1877 in transportation for a copy of the form or click below.
    • The process to change a bus stop will not begin until a signed request is received by HCPA.
    • Please allow 3-5 school days for a bus stop change.

    Temporarily Changing Drop-off Location - Bus Passes

    Bus passes will only be issued in the case of an emergency or collaborating on school projects.  Please note teachers will be contacted to verify the necessity to work outside of the classroom as a group. 

    Parents must contact Tony Hang or by 9 AM with:

    • Your student's name, grade and parent's phone number
    • With whom, why and address of the student in which your student is riding
    • How does my child receive their bus pass?

    K -4 grade students will be given their bus pass from their homeroom teacher.

    5-12 grade students will be called down to the office during CP (1 PM - 1:40 PM) or 4th hour.

    The Day Begins - The Morning Bus Ride

    • Please arrive at your bus stop 5-10 minutes prior to its scheduled arrival.
    • Buses are not allowed to wait for students who are late. 

    Student Pick-up - The end of the Day

    • Parents must call the main office at 651-209-8002 by 9 AM if there are any changes to the transportation needs of their child(ren).
    • Parents/guardians/authorized individuals--check in at the main office, provide identification and sign their student out of school.

    Riding the Bus at the End of the Day

    • Attendance is taken as each student enters their bus.
    • Students may only ride their assigned bus and get off at their designated bus-stop.

    After School Programs

    • After School Enrichment Hours: October 23rd - March 28th, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:30 – 5:30 PM
    • HCPA is proud to offer enrichment courses and activities.
    • Transportation is provided for all participants in St. Paul, Minneapolis and selected suburb areas.

    Athletics, Wednesday Homework Help, 5th Hour, Tutoring and Detention, Staying after school for special projects

    • Students must provide their own transportation to and from home