School Bus Safety

  • A safe school bus ride to and from school is the result of all students/parents/guardians understanding and practicing a few simple school bus safety rules.  

    Please remember that bus riding is a privilege, not a right and can be taken away.

    While waiting for the school bus students are expected to:

    • Arrive at the stop FIVE minutes before the school bus is scheduled to arrive.
    • The school bus driver is not allowed to wait for late students, nor will the bus be sent back for late students who miss the bus.
    • Stay back from the curb. Do not play on neighbor’s property or hang from their trees.
    • When you see the school bus coming down the street, line up in a single file line or wait for directions for the bus driver before crossing the street.
    • Cross ten feet in front of the school bus. No pushing or shoving while boarding the school bus.
    • On the school bus:
    • Always hold the handrail as you board, the stairs may be slippery. Find a seat on the school bus and sit facing forward.  Always keep your books and backpack on your lap.
    • Opening, closing, or adjusting of window will only be done with the permission of the school bus driver. Never put your arms or hands, or extend any object out the window of the school bus.

    Always Follow the Bus Driver’s Instructions:

    • Keep the noise level down while riding the school bus. Remain seated while the school bus is in motion.
    • Fighting, spitting, teasing, wrestling, throwing objects, or littering will not be tolerated.
    • Respect others and their personal property.
    • Students are responsible for vandalism and will be responsible for restitution to the school district.

    Note: If your child is suspended from transportation, this suspension includes field trips and athletic events as well as regular transportation to and from school.