Mission and Core Values

  • Hmong College Prep Academy’s mission is to provide the best integrated, challenging, and well-rounded educational experience to students in grades K-12.

    HCPA will accomplish its mission at all grade levels via adhering to its core values:

    Warrior Way
    Warriors at Hmong College Prep Academy embody a growth mindset that fosters the development of discovery and perseverance throughout their lives. Warriors follow the Warrior Code to demonstrate how they Respect Self, Respect Others, and Respect their Community.

    Relationships and Connections
    Hmong College Prep Academy provides a safe learning environment where relationships are fostered to build connections based on mutual trust between students, staff, and the community.

    Commitment to Excellence
    Through a student-centered mindset, Hmong College Prep Academy welcomes challenging opportunities that promote investigation, hands on learning, and independence to grow a community of learners.

    College and Career
    Hmong College Prep Academy Warriors consistently engage with college and career exploration that focuses on the social and emotional development of the whole child. The moral development and academic rigor of the college and career focus prepares the Warriors to look beyond the K-12 environment.

    Global Perspective
    Warriors embark on a mission to discover the world around them. Through curiosity and exploration Warriors become aware of the global impact of their decisions, taking on new information with an open and engaged mind, instilling lifelong learning.

    The result:

    HCPA graduates will be rich in experiences, culture, knowledge & pride and ready for the challenges of college and beyond.