Hmong Spelling Bee

  • The HCPA State-Champion Hmong Spelling Bee club has a solid history of achievement.  “Our kids have worked really hard over the past years and this has proved to be very successful,” stated Mr. Lor, Hmong Spelling Bee Coach and Advisor.  "We have received many first place honors,”.  Practices begin in Jan and the competition takes place the end of May at Concordia University   Students practice within the school day during their coaches prep time.

    Competition levels vary by grade level.

    For 2015 the categories are:
    2-3, 4-5, 6-8, 9-12

    •   Available for students grade 2-12 at no cost
    •   Practices begin in Jan during the school day with advisor
    •   Competition takes place the end of May at Concordia University
    •   Students must phonetically spell and correctly write the Hmong word
    •   Each round the length of time to complete the word decreases

    I am happy to have come to a school where you are pushed to continue and preserve your language and culture.” Nou Vang 1st Place High School Division