IdentiMetrics Introduction

  • Dear Parents and Guardians,


    Our school is implementing a biometric ID management system in an effort to provide accurate student identification and improve efficiency and security for our students and their accounts. We are using this new ID management system because we are held accountable for students and the accuracy of their records. This technology will help us reduce the costs and time required in managing student ID while providing an easy, fast and accurate way to identify students. This system will also ensure that no one but your child can charge items to his/her account. 

    What is biometric identification?

    Biometric identification is an automated method of identifying a person based upon physical or behavioral characteristics. Our school has selected the identiMetrics System because it is secure, accurate, cost-effective and non-intrusive. You can learn more about the system at

    How does biometrics work? 

    We will be using finger scanning biometrics similar to your smart phone. Using a finger scanner, the software scans certain unique points on the finger to create and store individual templates that identify each student. When the student returns, the software again scans the finger and looks for a match in the database. When a match is found, the student is identified. This all happens in about a second.

    What about the privacy of our students?

    The software scans the finger for identification. It does not store a copy of the fingerprints. Instead, the software creates a template of the unique points on the finger. The template is converted to a unique number and is stored in the school’s database with the same high level of security of all of our records. The templates are also protected by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).  FERPA is the same Federal Law that protects all student records. When your child graduates or is no longer enrolled in the school system, the templates are deleted. At no time is a fingerprint image stored. 

    It is important to understand that we are not fingerprinting students. In addition, fingerprints cannot be recreated or delivered to any agency - governmental or otherwise.

    Thanks for your attention!

    It is important to us that your child’s experiences in school are educational and rewarding. This new way of identifying our students is safe, easy, accurate, efficient and secure. If you have any questions or do not want your child to participate, please contact us.



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