HCPA enforces a strict uniform policy for all students attending our school. Approved dress code attire includes crew neck sweaters, both long and short-sleeve polo shirts, and black pants/black jeans (please note that ripped jeans are not permitted). Crew necks and polos must be worn in HCPA colors - black, red, or white. For your convenience, HCPA offers embroidered uniforms (crew necks and polos) available for purchase in our school store. 

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    We strongly encourage parents to support the uniform policy as we expect students to be dressed appropriately for school. Parents may be contacted if students do not dress according to our policy.

    Please also be aware of what attire is not permitted.

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    Some additional dos and don't at HCPA
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    If you are unsure if a piece of clothing is acceptable, please do not hesitate to seek clarification from our HCPA staff members or call our main office at (651) 209-8002. We greatly appreciate everyone's cooperation in adhering to our school dress code.