TAP - Teacher Advancement Program

  • Hmong College Prep Academy (HCPA) adopted TAP (Teacher Advancement Program) three years ago. TAP encompasses teacher evaluation, PLC and coaching in one system. The TAP program has an evaluation system capable of differentiating teacher performance levels and providing feedback for improvement, ongoing professional growth using student and teacher data to guide improvement, recruitment and retention of effective teachers, and the creation of a challenging, rewarding, and collegial environment focused on high-quality instruction and student learning. TAP is based on four elements designed to enhance teacher performance and job satisfaction:

    • Multiple career paths
    • Ongoing applied professional growth
    • Instructionally focused accountability
    • Performance-based compensation

    Multiple career paths. In TAP schools, skilled teachers have the opportunity to serve in positions of leadership as master and mentor teachers. Master and mentor teachers along with administrators form a leadership team, to deliver professional support and conduct evaluations.

    Ongoing applied professional growth. TAP teachers participate in weekly cluster group meetings in which they examine student data, engage in collaborative planning and learn instructional strategies that have been field-tested in their own schools. Professional development also includes master and mentor teachers modeling lessons, observing classroom instruction and supporting other teachers to improve their teaching.

    Instructionally focused accountability. Teachers are observed in classroom instruction several times a year using the TAP rubric. Evaluators are trained and certified, and leadership teams monitor inter-rater reliability. Evaluation results are used as feedback for coaching and planning future cluster group meetings.

    The TAP model is research-based and a study published by the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research found that schools implementing the TAP system increased student achievement gains more than similar non-TAP schools.

    Performance-based compensation. Along with our school’s participation in Q-Comp, teachers in TAP schools have the opportunity to earn bonuses based on their observed skills, knowledge and responsibilities, their students’ average growth, and the entire school’s average growth.

    To apply for TAP Positions for the 2015-2016 School Year, click on the links below.