What Teachers Like Best About Working at HCPA!

  • Students and Families

    • I love the kids!! They are so, so, respectful!!
    • The students are wonderful, intelligent, hard-working, respectful, funny, and resilient
    • Students are respectful and very helpful with each other.
    • I love the students. I have taught at many schools and have never had such a wonderful classroom community. The kids are what motivate me to show up every morning, and I honestly feel joy when I see their faces every day. I also love my coworkers-some of my closest friends are employees at HCPA, and it makes work so much more enjoyable to work with people that you trust and respect!
    • I love my students and their families.
    • Our students - they are amazing!
    • I really enjoy the students here at HCPA. No matter what the activity in my classroom is, the students are willing to work hard for me and give it a try. I have never been at a school where students are so willing to work for me without grumbling about it or just putting their head down and sleeping the class period away. The students are what make me want to keep coming to work every day.

    The Staff

    • All members of this school are like family. We put our students first and work collaboratively to ensure we are providing the best education for them.
    • I like that my supervisors and coworkers seem to really care for the students and employees. Even while working online, I have still felt that I am a part of a welcoming, supportive community of educators.
    • I appreciate the optimistic, reassuring, collaborative nature of the school. Krista is an excellent resource for teachers and her communication and input is essential!
    • The students, colleagues, environment, and my boss-Mrs. D
    • I love the staff!! They work so hard and really care about the students’ education. Krista makes the school so Welcoming!!
    • I love my hardworking and committed coworkers 


    • The family feeling and the people I work with.
    • My voice is heard, I feel like part of a community that is serving the better good.
    • I like the friendly and welcoming environment that our school has. The staff is wonderful, and the students are so friendly. Within my first year, I had already become friends with many teachers, supervisors, office workers, custodians, and other staff due to their friendliness, and caring demeanors. I am thankful to work in an environment with so many wonderful people.
    • The students and parents. Hands down the community is the best part of the school.
    • I love the community we have built. We are a family that supports one another.  We strive to see every student succeed.  We are a school that is passionate about creating contributing member in society.  We have admin and leadership support.
    • I like that HCPA is a K-12 community that shares one campus; I believe this structure affords members with unique opportunities to connect with each other and for kids and families to be "known" better by staff.

    Summing It Up

    • Really love the professional development and staff planning. It provides a lot of support and increases confidence in what we do and how we do them. I believe that also keeps us accountable and ensure the best practices for our students
    • Teachers are very collegial and supportive, and the students are wonderful.
    • The freedom and ability to explore ways of doing better in the classroom. Compared to a normal public school I very rarely feel like I have to "go along to get along" when I want to try something new or suggest a new idea.
    • I appreciate HCPA's commitment to rigorous instruction that is differentiated to meet student needs, celebrate multiculturality, and foster social-emotional growth. I also appreciate that HCPA has considered the mental health and needs of overwhelmed students and staff by providing individualized learning days.
    • I love the students. I think the admin is very helpful and supportive of the teachers. We have any resources we need. I don't need to spend my own money on supplies

    HCPA provides a safe environment for professionals
    who want to make a real difference in the lives of students and families.

    If this sounds like the place for you, please apply!

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    Source: Quotes from Hmong College Prep Academy Teacher Survey, May 2021