What Teachers Like Best About Working at HCPA!

  • Students and Families

    • The students at HCPA are incredible. They are open to learning. They are very respectful, sweet, and earnest. This is by far, my favorite student body.
    • The students are wonderful!  They are kind and caring of each other.
    • Good-natured students and parents.
    • The behavior of the students is very positive. I can teach not just babysit like other districts I've worked in.
    • I really enjoy the students here at HCPA. No matter what the activity in my classroom is, the students are willing to work hard for me and give it a try. I have never been at a school where students are so willing to work for me without grumbling about it or just putting their head down and sleeping the class period away. The students are what make me want to keep coming to work every day.
    • My students are awesome!

    The Staff

    • Friendly enthusiastic staff who are willing to work together to make things better.
    • I like the community of the teachers.
    • The staff is friendly, kind and helpful. Everyone wants students to succeed. Lots of flexibility and encouragement to do what I know is best for students.
    • The family environment for staff and students.  My coworkers are smart and challenge me to be a better teacher. 
    • The teachers I work with are passionate and positive, and we all love out students.  Our mission is to teach the content to the students.  I feel a sense of understanding and mission with the other teachers at HCPA. 


    • I love working here. It really is a great sense of community and the students here are so well brought up and kind.
    • Connected "family-like" culture of the school.
    • I like the academically oriented, professional environment. 
    • At HCPA, I do feel like everyone is looking forward - looking to improve, to get better, to try things differently and help students even more. 
    • Freedom to explore multiple career paths.
    • I truly enjoy the people I work with and have made valuable and lasting friendships among colleagues.  This is a very close, collaborative environment.
    • Culture of learning and success
    • I feel like there's a support structure here that I can rely on.  Within my department and with my supervisor.

    Summing It Up

    • The students are AMAZING! I LOVE working with my kiddos. The families are awesome too. I feel so lucky to work with these families. I love hearing laughter from my colleagues. I love being able to teach/learn with my students. I love coming to work each day.
    • I love our students and their families.  I appreciate how HCPA encourages our students to maintain and take pride in their cultural/linguistic identities while also teaching them to be successful in the American/English-speaking school system.  I also love our staff members.  They are enthusiastic, dedicated to doing what is best for kids, and fun to work with!
    • The students, the continual push for improvement, relationships with coworkers, and the opportunity and general open-mindedness to making changes (compared to a traditional school)
    • This is an amazing school with a really dedicated group of teachers that hold the student's interests to heart and work as a unified group to increase student learning.  I hope to teach here until I retire and see the students I taught graduate from high school.

    HCPA is a school for people who want to make a real difference in the lives of students and families.

    If this sounds like the place for you, please apply!

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    Source: Quotes from Hmong College Prep Academy Climate Survey, February, 2015 and March, 2016