Spring Sports

  • A balanced education encourages and expects academic excellence as well as participation in activities...

    all which makes for a great school experience.

    Boys' Club Sports:
    Boys' Volleyball - Coach Fong Vang - fong.vang@hcpak12.org

    MN State High School League sanctioned varsity boys sports:
    Boys' Track and Field

    MN State High School League sanctioned varsity girls sports:

    Girls' Track and Field
    Girls' Badminton 

    Middle School Athletics
    Co-ed Volleyball - Brent Ness - brent.ness@hcpak12.org and Trisha Bowman - trisha.bowman@hcpak12.org

    In an effort to maximize participation in athletics HCPA is proud to offer athletic fees that are significantly lower than traditional public schools.  If you would like to pay your fee via a credit or debit card, please click on the red "payments and fees" tab at the bottom of this page. 

    To pay your fee over a period of time, please contact Lisa Yang at lisa.yang@hcpak12.org to set up a payment plan.
    For those who are in need of further financial assistance, please contact Mr. Pao Yang at pao.yang@hcpak12.org.

    HCPA athletic teams partner with teachers by providing their athletes with:

    • Weekly academic check-ins
    • Regularly scheduled study halls
    • One on one mentoring

    "HCPA students involved in athletics gain invaluable experiences that challenge them, encourage healthy choices, and develop skills they can use in everyday life." Sher Yang, Athletic Director