Parent Workshop/Training

  • Staff and Parents Hmong Language Opportunity

    HCPA is please to present a unique opportunity for parents to gain an introduction to the Hmong language. Through a series of after school classes, participants will learn to speak conversational Hmong, improve Hmong language comprehension, and grasp basics of reading and writing in Hmong. All sessions will incorporate reading, writing, speaking, and listening. If you are interested in participating and or if you have any questions, please connect with Dao Her, Koobmeej Lee, or Yer Her.

    Tsev kawm ntawv HCPA zoo siab los tsim tau ib chav qhia ntawv Hmoob rau cov niam/txiv.  Qhov kev kawm no yuav muab faib ua 8 lub lim tiam, nws yuav qhia rau tom qab me nyuam kawm tag los sis (after school).  Peb yuav muaj kev qhia txog hais lus Hmoob thiab kev nkag siab lus Hmoob hais txog kev sib txuas lus, kawm txog nyeem ntawv Hmoob thiab sau ntawv Hmoob.  Yog hais tias koj xav tuaj kawm ntawv Hmoob thiab muaj lus nug dab tsis thov hu tau rau Ntaub Hawj, Koobmeej Li los sis Ntxawg Hawj tham tau.


    Dates (Cov Hunb Qhia):

    Mondays and Wednesdays for 8 Weeks – 2/24/2020 – 4/13/2020

    Dates subject to change in the event of cancelled school days.

    Led by (Tus Xwb Fwb Qhia Yog):

    Mondays – Teachers: Yer Her & Koobmeej

    Wednesdays – Teachers: Yer Her & Koobmeej Lee

    Time (Sib Hawm):

    3:30pm – 5:00pm

    Room # (Chav #)

    Room 279 (Yer Her) & Koobmeej’s Room TBD


    Parent Educational Topics:

    -Please place check marks (ü) next to the topic(s) you want the Parent Advisory Council to present.


    Place a check mark for the topics of choice


    (A) Awareness less than 2 hrs.

    (C)comprehensive more than 2 hrs.

    1.  Hmong College Prep Academy Program Offer




    2.  Academic Supports Training




    3.  Parent Leadership Skill Training




    4.  Parent-School Personnel Conferences




    5.  Adult Education & Re-Entry Programs




    6.  Health Training Classes




    7.  Parenting Skills Classes




    8.  Spring – Schoology/Technology Training




    9.  ELL & Special Education Parent rights




    10. Parent Advisory Committee Meetings




    11. Hmong classes for parents/staff




    12. ELA Classes for parents/Adults




    13. Concurring Workshops and trainings




    14. Invite Community Agencies Trainings/Workshops




    15. Home Visits




    16. Parents involvement in World Cultural Day




    17. Transportation Training




    18. Referrals




    19. Assistance with Documentation




    20. Health Fairs




    21. Family Counseling




    22. Technology




    23. Child Care
















    Ntsiab Lus rau Niam/Txiv Cov Kev Qhia/Kawm:

    Thov kos ib kab (ü) rau lub ntsiab lus ua koj xav kawm/qhia rau cov niam/txiv xyoo 2019-2020.

    Ntsiab Lus: Kos tus (ü) rau ib sab ntawv cov ntsiab lus xav tau.  Xav Kawm Txog:


    Kev cob Qhia yuav tsawg tshaj 2 teev

    Kev Kawm yuav ntev tshaj 2 teev

    1.  HCPA cov kev qhia ntawv rau cov tub/ntxhais




    2.  Kawm txog kev txhawb nqa tub/ntxhais txoj kev kawm




    3.  Kev kawm rau cov Niam/Txiv hais txog kev

         Yuav ua tus thawj coj rau cov me nyuam txoj

         kev kawm.




    4.  Kawm txog Niam/Txiv thiab xwb fwb  

         kev sib tham hais txog menyuam kev kawm




    5.  Kev qhia ntawv rau neeg laus GED




    6.  Kev noj qab haus huv




    7.  Kawm txog sev niam/txiv yuav kev pab cov

         tub/ntxhais li cas?




    8.  Spring – Qhia txog kev siv schoology/kev

         siv Technology




    9.  Niam/txiv txoj cai hais txog Special Education




    10. Rooj sib tham Parent Advisory Council




    11. Kev qhia ntawv Hmoob rau cov niam/txiv los sis neeg laus




    12. Kev kawm ntawv Aavkiv (English)




    13. Kev qhia ntawv ua ntu zus rau cov niam/txiv




    14. Caw neeg tseem ceeb hauv zej zog tuaj qhia

          pub rau niam/txiv




    15. Kev mus saib xyuas cov tub/ntxhais tom Tsev




    16. Niam/txiv yuav tuaj pab rau hnub World

          Cultural Day li ca?




    17. Qhia txoj kev siv tsheb npav (bus)




    18. Kawm txog kev cev ncauj cev lus




    19. Xav tau kev pab ua ntaub ua ntawv




    20. Lub koom xoos: kev noj qab haus huv (Health Fair)




    21. Tsev neeg kev mus ntsib neeg kho kev nyuaj siab




    22. Kev siv Technology




    23. Kev zov menyuam




    Lwm Yam:












Parent Involvement Packet


    Parent involvement is a major part of Hmong College Prep Academy’s student success. Hmong College Prep Academy (HCPA) works hard to ensure all students, parents, and community members have access to resources to meet the needs of students. HCPA has an expanded after-school program and homework support for students through Saint Paul Public School, Extended Day of Learning (EDL). Additionally, workshops, offered as part of the school plan to educate parents and students in various topics throughout the year, help to connect school learning to at-home life. HCPA also has a Parent Advisory Council to support educational programs and the school’s plans, curriculum implementation, and program evaluation. Parent involvement is truly a great asset to Hmong College Prep Academy’s student achievement and success.
    Parent Advisory Council (PAC)

    Mission: To connect families to school and community resources that improve student achievement

    Vision: To provide advice and support to the school for the success of every student

    • Support HCPA to host ongoing trainings and workshops for parents/families on topics that are most important to parent and student learning.

    • Provide parents knowledge on how to navigate school systems and obtain resources to support student learning.

    • Advise and support the school to develop, and implement services and programs that are most effective to foster students’ growth.

    • Increase parent volunteers to support teachers and student learning in the classroom, on field trips, and during other school functions and events, etc.

    • Increase parent attendance in parent-teacher conferences and parent connections events.

    School Events: (Save the dates/times on your calendar) Link:

    ᴑ Monthly Parent Workshops, Trainings and Classes (To be scheduled)
    ᴑ Student Orientation Friday, 8/16/19, 4:00pm – 7:00pm
    ᴑ Fall Parent/Teacher Conferences Tuesday, 10/15/19, 5:00pm – 8:00pm and Wednesday, 10/16/19,10:00am– 4:00pm
    ᴑ HCPA World Culture Day Wednesday, 11/27/19, 8:00am - 1:00pm
    ᴑ Spring Parent/Teacher Conferences Thursday, 3/5/20, 5:00pm – 8:00pm and Friday, 3/6/20, 10:00am – 4:00pm.
    ᴑ 5th grade to Middle School Parent Night (To be scheduled)
    ᴑ College and Career Fairs (To be scheduled)
    ᴑ K-5 Literacy Night (To be scheduled)
    ᴑ Grade Level Parent Nights (To be scheduled)
    ᴑ Special Education Night (To be scheduled)
    ᴑ Middle School to High School Parent Night (To be scheduled)
    ᴑ Freshmen/Sophomore Parent Night (To be scheduled)
    ᴑ Junior Parent Night - Preparing Juniors for their last two years of high school (To be scheduled)
    ᴑ Senior Parent Night - Preparing Seniors for their final year of high school (To be scheduled)
    ᴑ FAFSA Night - For Seniors and their families to complete the FAFSA for college (To be scheduled)
    ᴑ End-of-Year Picnic/Field Day (To be scheduled)

    As a HCPA Parent/Caregiver, I pledge to:

    - Support my child by ensuring that he/she attends school daily and arrives to school on time.
    - Have my child dress according to the HCPA Uniform Policy.
    - Volunteer at least 10 hours during the school year to assist in school functions (field trips, fundraisers, school supervision, classrooms assistance and carnivals).
    - Provide a quiet place for my child to study at home.
    - Support and reinforce the school’s conduct, discipline, ( and attendance policies, (
    - Consistently monitor my child’s assignments and academic progress.
    - Read all school communications and return requests for information promptly.
    - Have my child attend HCPA for the entire school year.

    As a HCPA Student, I pledge to:

    - Attend school on time.
    - Maintain an attendance rate of 97% or better throughout the school year.
    - Dress according to the HCPA Uniform Policy.
    - Complete and return homework at least 85% of assignments on time.
    - Have a positive attitude towards myself, others, school, and learning.
    - Accept responsibility to do my best to learn.
    - Not interfere with the rights of others to a safe and positive educational environment.
    - Provide my school communication papers and corrected work to my parent(s) or guardian(s).
    - Obey all technology use rules.

    As Hmong College Prep Academy, we pledge to:

    - Provide a curriculum that accesses all of the intelligences that     students possess.
    - Inform parents of the school and classroom policies for homework, discipline    and attendance.
    - Communicate with parents regularly regarding each child’s progress.
    - Respond in a timely manner to questions or concerns from parents.
    - Respect and value the uniqueness of each child.
    - Provide assignments that will be an extension of what is learned in the     classrooms and not merely “busy work” or untaught concepts.
    - Help children to resolve conflicts in positive, non-violent ways.
    - Solicit parent and community input through questionnaires and surveys.

     Every Student Succeeds Act 2017 (ESSA ACT 2017):

    The following outline is in compliance with the legal requirements of the Every Student Succeeds Act 2017 (ESSA ACT 2017). It represents joint development with parents, teachers, and administrators. The policy will be available to all parents in the school district.

    1. Parents will have an opportunity to assist in developing the building plan, review the program and make suggestions. To accomplish this:
    • All parents will be invited to an annual meeting offered before December 1st to maximize the opportunity for parents to participate and to be informed of the following: Title 1 objectives, objectives and instructional methods, the student selection process, test scores and how schools are identified for school improvement, and that they, the parents, have the right to request to know the qualifications of teachers and paraprofessionals in their school. The parent coordinator/facilitator with the assistance of the Title I teacher will schedule, notify parents, and conduct meetings.
    • The School District will hold a minimum of two meetings/forums annually, which will be held for the purposes of consultation, advising, and evaluation. The participants will be parents, school wide support staff, teachers, community representatives and Administrators. These meetings/forums will be advertised and open to all parents. The parent coordinator and the Title I instructor will set the agenda and conduct the meetings.

    2. Support will be provided to parents and teachers as they plan and implement effective parent involvement by:
    • Providing parent and parent/child workshops and activities based on the assessed needs and interests. The parent group with the parent coordinator’s leadership will plan and conduct one workshop per year.
    • Developing a Parent/Teacher/Student Compact in cooperation with both parents and teachers and promoting its use for the betterment of the students. The compact shall be presented in a way that attends to the literacy and language levels of parents. The compact will include an explanation of how it will be distributed, monitored and assessed. The Parent/Teacher/Student Compact shall be discussed at the fall parent/teacher conference. During the spring parent meeting, the agenda will include discussion of the Parent/Teacher/Student Compact for the purpose of evaluating the effectiveness of the compact.
    • Providing a facility that will be a working site for parents to hold meeting/workshops, work on projects and obtain materials to encourage parents to support their child’s learning. The maintenance of the active parent center will be undertaken to the extent possible.
    • Providing current, reputable parent literature/materials in a format that is understandable to parents.

    3. In order to promote the school’s and parents’ capacity to form a strong partnership and work toward higher student academic achievement, the school will:
    • Assist parents in such areas as the State’s academic content standards, State student academic achievement standards, State and local assessments and the requirements, how to monitor a child’s progress and work with educators to improve the academic achievement of their children, as well as provide information on how parents can participate in decisions regarding the education of their children.
    • Encourage parents to visit their children’s classroom during the school day through participation in side-by-side and daily classroom activities.
    • Inform parents of school activities through newsletters, phone calls, web sites, e-mail and other media.
    • Encourage staff to have regular two-way meaningful communication with parents through parent teacher conferences, progress reports, home visits, classroom newsletters, school web site and providing opportunities for observation of classroom activities.
    • Cooperate with other agencies and resources to promote necessary training for parents. Parents will be provided with information as to ways to secure their GED through Adult Education Programs and by informing parents that the public library is available for them.
    • Encourage the education of teachers, pupil services personnel, Administrators and other staff with the assistance of parents, in the value and utility of contributions parents can make as classroom volunteers, sharing skills and interests, assisting and coordinating workshops, helping in the parent center and encouraging other parents.
    • Develop partnerships with community based organizations and business sponsored programs, workshops and training, and having representation at school functions.
    • Make information available, in a format and, to the extent possible, in the language parents can understand.
    • Provide materials and training to help parents work with their children to improve their children’s academic achievement. Such training would include literacy training and using technology, as appropriate, to foster parental involvement.

    4. Parents will participate in the annual evaluation of the content and effect of the school parental involvement policy and practice. They will also consider:
    • Increasing parent involvement
    • Ways to overcome barriers, which may limit participation for those who are economically disadvantaged, disabled, have limited literacy, have limited English proficiency or are of any racial/ethnic minority background. The annual evaluation will be used to revise and/or design parent policy practices to better parental involvement and parental input.

    Hmong College Prep Academy
    1515 Brewster Street
    Saint Paul, MN 55108