Hmong College Prep Academy Attendance Hotline: 651-332-8567

    Minnesota State Statute 120A.22 requires children between ages 7 and 17 to attend school every day, on time, unless the student has a lawful excuse for being absent. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to call the Attendance Office (651-332-8567) and inform the school if their student will be absent. All efforts should be made by families to ensure that their student(s) are in school each and every day.



    Excused and Un



    Students are considered truant when they have missed three days of school without a valid excuse, or have missed three or more class periods in a day, for a total of three days. Once students have reached certain numbers of unexcused absences, the actions in the following chart will be taken and such notifications will be sent to parents(s)/guardian(s). Deans will follow up and engage with students and parents as necessary. Excessive absenteeism will result in the student being reported to their local county truancy office.

  • Daily attendance is very important to the development of your student's education. Multiple absences can limit the individuals performance and impact their ability to learn. Families are accountable and have the responsibility for notifying the school about their students’ attendance.

    Please remember to call our attendance line if your child is too sick to attend school from home during distance learning. 
    If you have questions, please contact the school and ask for the Dean of Students for your child

    Attendance Hotline: 651-332-8567

    Attendance Email: attendance@hcpak12.org