HCPA Students Raise $2,068.33 for Puerto Rico

Posted by Diana Vang on 1/8/2018 12:00:00 PM

CP teachers were creative in finding ways to collect coins.

Last month, students participated in a two-week penny war competition to see which classrooms could raise the most money for the Puerto Rico hurricane relief effort. We had 54 CP classes participate and raised a total of $2068.33!! For the next few days, the winning CPs will be voting for an organization to receive all penny war funds.

Congratulations to the following CP Teachers and students for raising the most money for their grade level:

Kindergarten: Ms. Northfield
1st Grade: Ms. Czech
2nd Grade: Ms. Moe
3rd Grade: Mr. Ciborowski
4th Grade: Ms. Hannine
5th Grade: Ms. Mercil *** students raised the most money out of all K-12 CPs! 
6th Grade: Ms. O'Conner
7th Grade: Mr. Olejnicak
8th Grade: Mr. Her & Ms. Jordan
9th Grade: Ms. LeMaire
10th Grade: Mr. Norby
11th Grade: Mr. Coleman
12th Grade: Ms. Bosman