HCPA Concert Band Collaboration 12/9/2019

We had a successful evening with regards to the University of St. Thomas & HCPA Collaborative Band Concert. The HCPA Honors Band and the UST Symphonic Band each played a portion of the concert, and it ended with two combined pieces, in which we played Dr. Yang Dao’s “Sib Pab Ciaj Vaj” and Leroy Anderson’s “Sleigh Ride”. Dr. Yang Dao was actually in attendance so we were able to recognize him in front of the whole audience, which was a really special moment.

"I’m so genuinely proud of our students, they worked incredibly hard for this moment. I even had parents of the UST college band come up and say they’ve been coming to St. Thomas collaborative concerts for multiple years and this was the best High School band they’ve heard ever! Dr. Orzolek and the University of St. Thomas we’re gracious hosts and they even took care of our transportation and the student’s dinner. Each HCPA student wrote a thank you card and we gave them to Dr. Orzolek and the UST Symphonic Band last night. Attached are some photos from the night that sum up the evening. Again, I’m so proud of our students, I just wanted to share." Roy Pienaar