HCPA Students at The MN Future City Competition

A few of our middle school students competed on Saturday in the MN Future City Competition.  It is an engineering contest where students solve various problems involving city planning – power, transportation, pollution, etc..  The problem this year was to design a city of the future with innovative power sources that could withstand natural disasters.  Students had to design a virtual city, write a 1500 word essay, build a model with at least 1 moving part, and present their models/ideas to groups of engineers and city planners.  These STEM professionals asked hard questions, pushed our students and our teams performed wonderfully.  48 teams from across MN competed this weekend at Dakota County Technical College.  HCPA students won two prestigious awards – Best Infrastructure System and Outstanding First Year Participant.   They worked so hard and represented HCPA well. 

Sydney Yang
Kashia Xiong
Juking Thao
Selena Lee
Pasakura Lee
Gavan Moua
Yin Thao