High Quality Charter School

St. Paul, MN—Hmong College Prep Academy was recently identified as a High Quality Charter School by the Minnesota Department of Education.

The title is important for it allows the school to apply for a significant expansion/replication grant beyond their original charter from the State’s federal Charter Schools Program grant project.

This identification is based on a Comprehensive Performance Framework (CPF) that incorporates multiple measures of schools academic, operational and financial performance. For the spring of 2018, 40 of Minnesota’s charter schools were identified as “high quality” under the CPF.

“We’re very excited about being identified as one of the State’s best charter schools,” stated HCPA Superintendent, Dr. Christianna Hang. “This honor permits HCPA to continue to serve the educational needs of our students and general community.”

Hmong College Prep Academy is located at 1515 Brewster Street in St. Paul, just southeast of the Minnesota State Fairgrounds.  For more information or directions, interested parents and students can call 651-209-8002 or online at www.hcpak12.org. The school is currently enrolling students in grades K-12 for the 2019-20 school year.  Space is extremely limited.