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Important Update Message from The HCPA Transition Team 2/2/22

Hello HCPA Families,

It is hard to believe that we have entered the second half of our school year! The last several months have been filled with learning and growth for our students and our HCPA family.  At the start of Semester 2 on Monday, January 31st, our sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students moved completely into our new middle school space.  Joy and excitement were audible in the hallways as students explored their new rooms.  It was an amazing milestone to celebrate with our entire school community.

In addition to our academic growth, our Governing Board has continued to grow and evolve. This week, the Board accepted the nomination of two new members - Mr. Aly Xiong and Ms. Susan Vang.  Mr. Aly Xiong comes with experience in charter school work and is accepting a community seat on the board.  Ms. Susan Vang is a former HCPA graduate whose children are currently enrolled in both our middle and elementary school programs.  She accepts a parent seat.  As a board we are excited for the diversity of perspectives and the remarkable strengths that these new inductees will bring to our collaborative work.  

Within our Board ranks, Ms. Mee Vang has stepped into the role of Board Chair with the decision of Christy Yongvang to transition out of a position on the board.  After becoming Board Chair this fall, Ms. Yongvang worked diligently to help support HCPA and the Board in their work with Bethel and in the planning process for Bethel’s Corrective Action Plan.  Out of her work have come numerous structures that will help carry HCPA into a prosperous future.  We thank Ms. Yongvang for all that she has done to support the students and community at HCPA.

Lastly, we thank you, the parents and families of HCPA, for continuing to foster the love of learning with your students and for continuing to support the mission and vision of our great school.  

We wish you and your students a great Semester 2! 


Mee Vang, HCPA Board Chair
Fue Vue, HCPA Board Treasurer
Crystal Robideau, HCPA Secretary
Rick Perry, HCPA Board Member
Aly Xiong, HCPA Board Member
Susan Vang, HCPA Board Member