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Update from HCPA Governing Board 12/17/2021

Hello HCPA Families,

We hope this message finds you well at the start of our Winter Break.  Looking toward 2022, the start of a new year offers a sense of hope and renewal for many.  It is a chance to create goals and set our sights on the future, establishing intentions for the year ahead.  At HCPA we are eager and excited for the wonderful things that are to come for our school and community.  Out of challenges grow opportunities to improve and become stronger than we were before.  With this, we are happy to share with you several new developments that will start our new year with a focus on our students and our school community.

·        Starting January 3rd, we will begin our phased transition into our new middle school spaces.  Beginning with 7th grade, classes will start to be held in the new building immediately after Winter Break with the goal of 6th and 8th grade classes fully transitioning at the start of Semester 2.  Our students are excited for the opportunities and learning that these new spaces will offer.

·        Before Winter Break, the Governing Board approved the hiring of Mr. David Kloskin as Chief Financial Officer at HCPA.  Mr. Kloskin will be joining HCPA full time and comes with experience working in the Minnesota Charter School community.  His knowledge and skills will be great assets to HCPA.  We look forward to his collaboration in helping to secure HCPA’s financial future. 

·        The Governing Board also approved a nomination from the Governing Committee to fill one open parent/community member seat on the Board.  Mr. Rick Perry is a local community member with business expertise, officially joining the Board this month for their December 16thmeeting.

·        Several parent forums have been held over the last several weeks to allow families to voice their concerns, ask questions, and hear about the school year.  Out of these conversations has come a revival of our Parent Advisory (PAC).  PAC is for any parent or guardian looking to help support the education of their student and all students at HCPA.  If you are interested in joining PAC, please visit for more information or email Advisor Dao Her at  PAC meeting dates for 2022 will be posted soon.

Additionally, the Governing Board would like to share that Mr. Pao Yang, former Chief Operating Officer, has submitted his resignation from HCPA.  Though we will miss his presence, we acknowledge the positive contributions that Mr. Yang has given the HCPA community as one of the founders of our school. 

With the start of a new year, we acknowledge the challenges that 2021 has presented.  It is with hope and excitement that we approach 2022 and the chance to continue our mission of providing the best integrated, challenging, and well-rounded educational experience to students in grades K-12.  We, the Board of Directors, encourage you to reach out to our Governing Board email with any questions or feedback that you may have for how we can start the new year on a positive note:

We thank you for your support.  Have a safe and warm Winter Break!


Christy Yongvang, HCPA Board Chair
Fue Vue, HCPA Board Treasurer
Crystal Robideau, HCPA Board Member
Rick Perry, HCPA Board Member
Mee Yang, HCPA Board Secretary