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Update from HCPA Board of Directors 10-1-21

To Our Hmong College Prep Academy Community,

The first weeks of school at Hmong College Prep Academy are off to a busy start as we get into our new classroom routines and enjoy being together again in our school buildings. Hmong College Prep Academy is a wonderful place we can all take pride in. Our teachers are excellent, our student academics are strong, and we continue to grow and serve the community.

HCPA is annually reviewed by our authorizer, Bethel University. Bethel’s role as authorizer is to provide guidance and oversight for the school. Bethel’s current annual review found HCPA’s academics and mission to be strong, but our governance and management needs to be stronger. Specifically, Bethel has found an investment made by the school and the process to approve that investment concerning. The board is responding to Bethel’s annual review by taking steps to address process improvements, focused on our board as well as broader management of the school.

We want to assure you that this process with Bethel will make changes that ensure our school is stronger now and into the future. As a board, we have already taken several steps to address Bethel’s recommendations:

● Elected a new board chair, Christy Yongvang, on September 22nd. She comes with a wealth of experience and has already been active in engaging with all aspects of school issues, including meeting with our school’s administrative team to hear concerns and suggestions.
● Hired a board consultant to guide governance practices and support work on Bethel’s recommendations.

● Hired an external investigator to highlight the details surrounding HCPA’s investment with Woodstock Capital in order to improve future work.
● Initiated the process to hire two new leaders - a Chief Financial Officer and a Financial Consultant - to support us in making our processes and procedures more effective.

We, the HCPA Board of Directors, will be sending families and staff updates on the progress addressing Bethel’s review. Since we are a public charter school, you may also read reports about this work and the improvements we are making in the media.

Staffing and operations continue as normal. You can expect the day-to-day teaching, learning and student experience at HCPA will remain the same as we address these administrative improvements.

We want to thank you for continuing to be part of this wonderful school community, and for your support as we move Hmong College Prep Academy forward this year. If you have questions or concerns please reach out to me directly at


Christy Yongvang, HCPA Board Chair Maisian Schiung, HCPA Vice Chair
Fue Vue, HCPA Board Treasurer
Crystal Robideau, HCPA Board Member Mee Yang, HCPA Board Secretary

Official Letter From The Board