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Chromebook & Material Collection Schedule

Chromebook Collection 2021!

Please read through this page carefully as it outlines how chromebooks will be returned to HCPA.

Collection Dates –

Here are the new Chromebook and other HCPA belongings collection dates. That includes instruments, library books, etc. If there are multiple students in the house your family can just choose a date.

June 8 - Seniors - 9am-1pm

June 14 - K, 5th, 11th, (STAFF) - 9am-3pm 

June 15 - 1st, 3rd & 10th - 9am-3pm

June 16 - 2nd, 4th & 9th - 9am-3pm

June 17 - 1pm - 7pm for parents who work late.

June 18 -  6th & 7th & 8th - 9am-3pm

Prior to Chromebook Collection Days:

  • The following will be placed on our website and Schoology pages along with a video.
    • Instructions of how to prep the Chromebooks for return - removal of all stickers EXCEPT the barcode and stickers with the student’s name on it. 
    • Student or parent should place a piece of tape with the student’s name and ID on the top of the Chromebook
    • Collection_image_5ec2f6949e8f3.jpg
    • Ensure that the Chromebook is charged overnight before returning it to the school.
    • Ensure that the power cord is wrapped up in the morning and returned with the Chromebook.
    • On the day of returning the Chromebook parents/students should have two people in the car.  One to drive the car, the other to prep the Chromebook(s) as they approach the front of the line by turning on the Chromebook(s).

 On Chromebook Collection Days: 

  • There will be 3-4 lanes in under the parking ramp to turn in Chromebooks/iPads and all other HCPA belongs.
  • If there is damages these will need to be paid for at the time of turning in of the equipment.