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HCPA Individualized Learning Day on Wednesday, February 24th

Hello HCPA students and families,

On Wednesday, February 24th, all HCPA students will be participating in a Individualized Learning Day.  The Individualized Learning Day is an opportunity for students to focus on items based on their specific learning needs.  It is a chance for students to finish missing work or assessments, go deeper in their studies, or to connect with teachers for individual support.  The schedule for the day will differ, but it will still be a school day.  Attendance will be taken and students will be marked absent if they do not participate in their classwork or check in for attendance in their College Prep Class. 

Student Expectations

·  Complete attendance check-in within your College Prep Class by

·  Check current grades/assignments for all classes.

  • Elementary
    • Attend your Zoom morning meeting in College Prep to hear your teachers explain the day and to check-in on work expectations (Zoom will be at the normal time - 8:00 a.m.).
    • Attend small group or one-on-one meetings if your teachers schedule them.
    • Work on assignments or tests that you still have to finish or that your teachers ask you to complete.
    • Do an activity that gets your body moving!  Play outside, go for a walk, or exercise at home. 
  • MS/HS

o    Complete attendance check-in within your College Prep Class by 11:00 AM

    • Connect with teachers whose class you are missing work in. This can be done during the regular class time or by making appointments.
    • Schedule Zoom meetings with teachers to get extra support. Teachers will be available all day for appointments and during their class periods.

o    Do an activity that is good for your mental health, such as a walk, yoga, or deep breathing exercises.

We hope that this Individualized Learning Day allows your student to go deeper in their learning by having the time and space to work on activities specific to their needs.  If you have any questions regarding this day, please reach out to us at 651-209-8002.  Thank you!