Hmong/Modern Dance

  • Hmong, Thai, Indian, Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Hip-Hop and more!

    This energetic club is open to all 2-12 grade students.  The group meets twice a week from October to the end of March and there is no charge to participate. 
    Their coach, Nichole Hughes, has an extensive background in many genres of dance.  “I have been dancing for 23 years and have experience with competition, performing, teaching, and learning many different styles of dance.  I highly enjoy working with this fantastic group of girls” stated Ms. Hughes.
    Over the course of the year the students will learn many styles/genres of dance including: Hmong, Thai, Indian, Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Hip-Hop and more!  

    “The students like to do the Hmong dancing the best, but a lot of them do enjoy hip-hop as well.  They are especially surprised that it takes a lot of hard work to synchronize the dance moves.” stated Ms. Hayes.
     Over the years,the club has performed at many major events:
      World Culture Day Festival
      HCPA Annual Talent Show
      National Service Learning Conference in Mpls
    What they learn:

      Determination–sense of never giving up
      A sense of responsibility
      Importance of belonging to a group
      Expression of themselves through movement
     “The great thing about this club is that it lets the students keep in touch with their Hmong heritage and traditions, while learning new styles of dance.  The parents really like that.” Ms. Hughes Teacher and Hmong/Modern Dance Instructor